EIS Scan


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a visual, current model of your overall health? You could know immediately with an amazing 95% clinical accuracy the functional status of the heart, the kidneys, the lungs, the liver, the pancreas, the digestive system, the brain or even neurological status with an overview of hormone levels and oxidative stress levels. You could even better understand your blood gasses from the acid base balance or follow the effectiveness of your recommended natural nutritional therapy and get early indications of progress.

The EIS System can detect over 69 physiological parameters within the human body and 19 glandular and organ systems within minutes. The EIS System evaluates the tissues of all your organs, 69 physiological parameters and 19 functional anatomy systems of your body and provides you with repeatable 89 to 95% clinical precision accurate data with no operator bias involved. Through Electro Scan Gram (ESG) modeling it then develops a complete descriptive human model of the body with the organs and tissues and gives you a diagnostic description of the problems and where and what organs or glands or structures are involved in your health and to what extent, with an amazing 89 to 95% clinical accuracy.

Developed by MD’s, physicists, mathematicians & statisticians LD (EIS) Technology is leading the field in FDA approved clinical bio-technology diagnostic equipment. The results obtained using the EIS system can be used to compare or deny various laboratory tests, the results of imagery devices, or an electrical activity recording device. Each medical examination or evaluation has its own specificities. The EIS System offers new medical data of a complementary nature such as physiological tissue parameters as well as biochemical values of the interstitial fluid at a fraction of the cost with the results available immediately.

How does it do it? Through the Interstitial Fluid with the Electrical Impedance Method. This is the exact same science methodology of the ICG Heart Monitor Units they use at Hospital and Emergency room departments. The EIS does a complete scan of your heart plus all the other internal organs.

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Through the simple use of the Electro interstitial Scan EIS machine, it evaluates the body through the use of electrodes on the hands, feet, and temples. The EIS reports are generated and detail the balances/imbalances status of all of the bodies’ systems. After the scan, Dr. Peachy DNM helps identify your largest area of concern and each person receives a printed, hard-copy report detailing the results, – which also includes nutritional and health options, and suggestions for correcting the imbalances. Your appointment will only take 20 minutes.

  • The Electro Interstitial Scanner System Scans the body in 4 minutes.
    • Modeling Organs, Glands and Body Segments.
    • Statistical Risk on: Respiratory, Digestive, Immune Function, Renal and Urogenital, Neuro Muscular, Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Neurological, Metabolic General Functions of the body.
    • Tissue Bio-chemicals Values and Norms: iI, iR, iC, ipH, icpH, tVO2, tO2, tCO2, ATP
    • Microcirculation Values and Norms: Blood Pressure, Blood Viscosity, Interstitial Viscosity, iWater Content.
    • Oxidative Stress Estimation Graph: Interstitial ONOOH, NO, H2O2, O2-, OH
    • Neurotransmitters Statistical Graph: iAcetylcho, iCatechol, iDopamin, iSerotonin
    • Biochemistry Statistical Graph: Triglycerides, iUrea, iUric Acid, iGlucose, iA.Q.
    • Davenport Diagram: Acidosis and Alkalosis: Metabolic, Respiratory, Interstitial Fluid.
    • Ionogramme: iPh, iK+, iCa++, iMg, iCl-, iNa+, iFe++• Hormonal Values: iTSH, iFSH, iDHEA, iCortisol, iAldost, iAdrenoM, iTest, iInsulin, iPTH, iThyroid, iADH, iACTH
    • Body Composition Graph: Poids, MM, MG, Eau T, MMus, Eau int, Eau ext
    • Suggested Diet: Prohibited foods, Recommended foods.