Tibb Health Sciences

Tibb Health Sciences (Pty) Ltd markets a range of herbal medicines specifically formulated to treat a variety of illness conditions. Tibb means medicine and Tibb products have their origins in ancient Greece and Africa and in the teaching of Hippocrates. Tibb medication is natural in origin with the majority of ingredients being derived from plants and the balance from minerals. Medication in Tibb is generally administered as a fixed combination compound formulation, although single ingredients are at times administered to a patient.

Colloidal Silver

What it is and why it’s so effective

Ionic Colloidal Silver is beginning to establish its rightful place as a natural healing substance and all round germ fighter. It’s been around for centuries. Rediscoverd, it’s now gaining endorsement frome the medical profession. Ionic Colloidal Silver is deadly to disease-causing microbes. In short these are harmful bacteria ( germs) that can seriously affect your family’s health.

Non-toxic and human friendly, it’s most frequently used as a complimentary or alternative health treatment. Ionic Colloidal Silver is a powerful ingredient to help assist your body’s natural immune function. If your immune system isn’t functioning properly it can’t fight harmful disease causing bacteria found in the body.

Destroys the bad bacteria without harming the good

Silverlab ionic Colloidal Silver therapeutic products are not harmful to the environment. They contain no added preservatives, colourants, alcohol or fragrances. The entire range is safe and effective and has been formulated for use in even the most sensitive areas. It can be used to treat the whole family, pets too.

Colloaidal Silver and Tibb products are available at the o3ozone Wellnes Center

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